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53DDFDC5-B49A-4EF2-98E8-D8500EEDDA1B183756F8-6220-47A9-91D4-00ED901E2094你好!Guten tag! Hola! Hello! I am a new LRC staff anf my name is Yazhi Zhang, and I am a sophomore in Gettysburg College. I am originally from Shanghai, China. When I was 15 years old, I came to America to study. My high school was in Arizona, and it is a great place to learn Spanish. Therefore, I learned Spanish for two years. My majors in college are Political Science and Economics, and I have great interest in studying different languages. I know German a little, Spanish a little, English well and Chinese perfectly! One of the reasons why I like studying different languages is that I love traveling. For me, it is the greatest thing to travel around the world and expand my horizons. Therefore, my ideal job in the future is to be an IB teacher and teach students in different countries. Oh, and I am thinking about study abroad in UK during my junior year! 🙂