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Workshop: Mobile apps for language learning & teaching – Google Drive for collaboration

I am a little late in here but we all know how crazy an end of a semester can be.
A month ago, on December 2nd, I co-presented a workshop with Dr Betsy Lavolette about mobile apps for language teaching and learning, and I was dealing with Google Drive.

After a quick overview of the Google suite, I presented Google Drive in the light of the three different ways you could use it: web-based, right from your desktop (the computer app), and eventually the mobile app. The latter was our main focus, especially through the notion of collaboration.

Presentation & description Google drive - Mobile app
Presentation & description Google drive – Mobile app

As we were dealing with collaboration, we actually dived into it through a workshop collaboration on a Google Document called How can we use Google drive for teaching and learning?“. Altogether, we operated a synchronized brainstorming on this question, from different “locations” (here, different computers).

Google Drive is an amazing tool when it comes to working together. It is part of the Google suite, which offers a significant cloud space among other things, and is very complete. It is really user-friendly, and Google is so big nowadays that our students are more than likely to have a Google account. You may be able to work with it right out of the box!