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LRC Student Staff: Jue Gong (Maggie)

Hello! My name is Jue Gong. You can also call me Maggie. I am a senior majoring in economics and cinema and media studies. Chinese is my first language, and I can also speak English, Japanese, and a little bit Spanish. As a person who is in love with learning different languages and different cultures, I am so excited to work at LRC and help students in their language learning.

I also like traveling. Besides China and the United States, I’ve been to Australia, France, England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Japan. I find out that traveling is not only about relaxing, but also about learning and adapting to different cultures. I spent a semester studying abroad in London. London is a beautiful city that harbors many famous artists, writers, and actors. I enjoyed walking around the spectacular buildings and appreciating grand art pieces in the museums. I am hoping one day that I can revisit the city. Kyoto is also one of my favorite cities. Different from the other cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto is smaller and with less population. I like it because it keeps the traditional Japanese culture very well. In Kyoto, you can see the old shrine and temple everywhere and you can walk with people in the traditional Japanese costumes. It is a quiet city and everyone is warm-hearted and friendly.

Besides traveling, I like playing piano and watching films. My favorite film genre is suspense detective film. My favorite film directors are Wong Kar-wai and Quentin Tarantino. Their films have a deep impact on me and make me become a student of cinema and media studies. I watched a lot of Asian films especially Hong Kong cinema and Japanese cinema. I am always willing to share good films to you!

In the future, I will keep my interests in languages and cultural studies, and, of course, spending my time traveling around the world!