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Website Review: Satori Reader

Hi everyone!

I’d like to inform you all of a very cool website for anyone looking for Japanese reading material. It’s called Satori Reader (Satori or 悟りis a Japanese word meaning “understanding” or “comprehension”), and it is a user-adjustable digital graded reader. The site itself contains numerous articles separated into series. Each series has different topics, but more importantly cover a wide range of writing styles such as journal entries, conversational style, news reports, emails and more. This alone makes it a good tool to get a feel for the different kinds of writing styles that may be encountered throughout your time reading Japanese.

Each article is accompanied with a header that gives the reader a heads-up of what to expect stylistically.

The articles themselves have adjustable difficulty so there are a few versions of the same piece with easier to harder grammar/sentence pattern. Each series is also fully narrated which lets this also be used for listening comprehension as well as practicing speech. In addition to this, Satori Reader’s kanji and furigana are highly customizable. You can adjust how many kanji/furigana are used according to your preference and reading level.

The aforementioned various selections you can make regarding difficulty. This allows you to set things up in a way that allows you to maximize your comprehension.

Satori Reader also takes full advantage of its digital format to allow users to get a dictionary entry for any word simply by clicking on it. And if there weren’t already enough accessibility options, the tricky words/sentences/phrases often come with additional notes that explains whatever it may be in greater detail. With all these features coupled together, Satori Reader stays true to its name and offers material that’s first and foremost purpose is to be understood. Their library is designed specifically to make reading as fluid and easy as possible regardless of your ability to read Japanese. I’d highly recommend this for anyone interested in consuming Japanese literature/media as it’s a good way to get your feet wet and scale up as you become more comfortable. 


An example of Satori Reader’s dictionary/explanation feature.


It’s also available as an iPhone app, for all your reading on the go needs. Check it out!

LRC Student Staff: Edward Dame


Hello! こんにちは! My name is Edward Dame and I’m a junior who’s majoring in Japanese Studies as well as Psychology. I fell in love with studying Japanese while at Gettysburg, and I studied abroad in Japan during the Fall 2016 semester. I can speak Japanese at an intermediate level, so feel free to come talk with me if you want to work on your speaking ability! I think that one of the greatest things I’ve gained from my studies and time abroad is a much deeper appreciation of cultural differences because going to Japan was my first time ever being out of the country. I hope to continue working on language skills while at the LRC (I’d like to start learning some Chinese as well). My hobbies include reading in English and Japanese as well as studying kanji.