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The Best Kept Secret

The LRC is one of Gettysburg College’s hidden gems that students are still discovering.  If you are looking for a place to study during finals week, then this is the place! While everyone is scrambling to find a classroom or a table to do their work, you could be doing work with plenty of table space and whiteboards!

Forgot your laptop?  That’s alright! We have computers around the room that are available for use, as well as headsets if you need them!

Tired of studying? Take a break by playing one of our many games, offered in multiple languages or relax with some tea, coffee, and candy!

If you really want to get creative, you can play with our legos in the back, where you can also enjoy a good book from our multilingual library.

Here at the LRC, there is a little something for everyone. We offer different clubs, such as the Spanish Reading Club and Japanese Reading Club throughout the semester, and we host different events where students can learn or talk about different languages. If you prefer to learn on your own, we have language-learning apps available on our ipads.

That being said, come check us out and we would be happy to help you with anything you may need!

A Semester in Review: LRC Language Workshops

Thank you to those of you who came out to our first ever Mini Language Workshops! This semester, the LRC offered beginner language classes in 11 different languages, taught by students on campus. If you are curious to see what you may have missed out on, you can see the product of our workshops down below:

For English subtitles, press the “CC” button.

We also want to give a huge thank you to those that taught the workshops! We couldn’t have done it without you guys! I am really grateful for the success that we have had and I hope that this will continue even after I graduate.

10 False Cognates in Spanish

“There are many ways to miscommunicate. When learning a language, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes. It is an important part of the learning process because it is from those mistakes that we learn how to communicate better. One part that makes language-learning easier is the use of cognates or words that resemble words in another language. However, there are words that could exist in a language that we are learning that resemble words we may know but actually mean something completely different. If you are studying Spanish, pay attention to these words:

Pretender looks like the English verb “to pretend.” Pretender is pretending to be the verb “to pretend.” In reality, it means has a few meanings. If you want to talk about pretending, use the verb fingir.”

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Mini Language Workshop Schedule

I am happy to announce that the Language Resource Center will be offering mini language workshops on Tuesdays at 4! Every week, you can learn the basics in a different language, taught by students on campus.

Schedule for Spring 2017:

2/14 Spanish

2/21 Japanese

*2/24 Indonesian

2/28 Italian

3/7 French

3/21 Vietnamese

3/28 Korean

4/4 Ancient Greek

4/11 Chinese

4/18 German

4/25 Portuguese


*This workshop will be held at 2 pm on Friday, February 24th in BREI 103, next door to the LRC

Enjoy learning languages without the commitment or grades of a class! Food will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Spanish Books in the LRC


Have you hit a plateau in language-learning? Are you into modern literature? Come to the LRC and check out our new collection of Spanish books! Reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary and see how grammar works.  When it comes to keeping motivation alive, I would highly recommend reading content that you are interested in. That being said, you have the opportunity to read books that you would not normally read in class such as The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and The Fault in Our Stars. More importantly, reading can work to your advantage when you already know the plot of the story, because you have already read the book in English. There are books for all levels of Spanish-speakers, so even beginners can start taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Come now and take a look at our expanding Spanish section!

Also, for those of you who love reading, the Language Resource Center is partnering up with Professor Moore of the Spanish Department to start a Spanish book club. If you already haven’t, I would encourage you to like the LRC Facebook page and watch out for updates on when this will be happening.

Movie Review: Ocho apellidos catalanes


When I was studying abroad in Spain, my teacher made my class get together to watch the movie Ocho apellidos vascos. In my past experiences from taking language classes, teachers seem to assign specific kinds of movies for class, so I was not very thrilled. The last thing I was expecting was to watch a comedy. I had really enjoyed the movie and was excited to find out that a sequel (Ocho apellidos catalanes) was coming out during my time abroad. I never did get the chance to see it in theaters but recently, Netflix added both movies to their list under English names: The Spanish Affair and The Spanish Affair 2.

If you are looking for an opportunity to have a laugh and learn about Spanish stereotypes, I would suggest this movie. The film takes place after the events of the first film, so I will not be giving away any spoilers in case you have not seen the first one. The main characters are from different areas of Spain. Each area of Spain is unique, as well as the people who live there. You will get to see those unique characteristics played out in Rafa from Seville, Amaia from Basque Country in the north of Spain, and Pau from Catalonia. This is the perfect combination for anyone who loves Spanish and rom-coms! Since Netflix sometimes switches out movies for others, I would suggest seeing it right away. 

Movie Review: Blind Date


If you are looking for something to watch on Netflix, I would highly recommend looking in the “International” section. You never know what you may find! I hear many college students saying that they watch movies or TV shows on Netflix often. In a world where it is easy to watch your favorite show or movie online, it is so easy to end up sitting in front of the computer screen for hours. One thing you may not know is that Netflix can be used to your advantage when it comes to learning another language.

Recently, I found a movie on Netflix called “Blind Date.” It is originally a French movie, therefore having audio in French. There is also Italian and Spanish audio offered for those who are studying either language. As far as subtitles go, you can watch with English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Traditional Chinese subtitles. As a language-learner, I like to watch with subtitles in the language I am learning, so I watched the movie in French with French subtitles.

“Blind Date” came out in 2015 and is not a movie you will typically see in your French class. What piqued my interest about this film is that it is a romantic comedy. When I have watched French movies for class in the past, most endings I have seen have been tragic.  However, with this movie, you get a similar experience to watching an American rom-com, which I really liked. Without giving too much away, the story follows a woman who wants to be a professional pianist and does not get along with her neighbor.  At first, she and her neighbor keep trying to get on each other’s nerves, but eventually they become friends. The plot is cute and follows a unique kind of relationship that you will have to see for yourself. Sit back, kick your feet up, watch a cute movie, and learn some French!

Tips for the Busy Language-Learner

“When I talk to others about learning languages one of the excuses I hear the most for not learning a language is that the person does not have time to study a language. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by our busy schedules. When we become busy, we start to lose motivation to study another language because we feel that we need to dedicate an hour or more a day to studying. We start to view it as another homework assignment instead of something fun, such as going to a movie with friends. An easy solution to this problem is making studying a part of your daily routine. Just like you need to eat every day to live, shower to stay clean, and go to bed every night, you can add some light studying to your schedule. Soon enough, it will become automatic just like the other tasks you perform in your daily life.”

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7 Shows for Beginner and Intermediate Learners of Spanish and French

“What were some of your favorite TV shows and movies as a kid? Did you like Disney movies or were you more of a Dreamworks fan? Did you watch the original Avatar: The Last Airbender or were you more into live-action shows? One thing I remember from my childhood was watching TV while talking on the phone to my best friend for hours. While that is not exactly one of the healthiest things to do, there is something language-learners can still take away from that. One of the best things you can do when you are learning a foreign language is watch different TV shows. It does not matter if your goal is to speak the foreign language, or if you just want to be able to understand it. Either way, if you are getting the proper input, you can boost your language-learning which will boost your confidence. The key is to watch shows that interest YOU. The following list is made up of suggestions based on shows that I liked as a kid and shows that are made for language-learners…”

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Using Fanfiction for Language-learning

“I have always loved writing. I did some form of creative writing every day, having filled over six diaries since 3rd grade. One thing that kept me motivated when writing a story was writing about characters that already existed, whether it was my neopets or characters from a favorite cartoon of mine. Throughout late elementary school and middle school, I would write fanfictions; some I would even post online. One thing I loved as much as writing fanfictions was getting to read other authors’ works. Not only was it entertaining but it was also motivating and helped inspire even more creativity. If you are looking to better your reading language comprehension or just expand your vocabulary without too much effort, consider looking up fanfictions in your target language!”

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