New Game at the LRC: Verba!

Hi everyone! We have a new game at the LRC in French, Chinese, and Spanish!

If you’ve ever played Apples to Apples before, this game is very similar. Each set has a list of colored cards and white cards. On each white card there is a noun with a picture of the noun on the card. On each colored card there is a simple sentence with a blank such as the examples below.

Like Apples to Apples, every player gets 7 white cards. One player is then chosen as the judge for the round and draws a colored card. Next, the other players put in white cards face down that they think best fit in the sentence. After that, the judge picks the best card. The white cards for that round are then discarded and the winner for the round keeps the colored card. The game ends when all the white cards have been used up and the winner is the player with the most colored cards!

For more information on the game here’s a link to the website:

Please stop by the LRC to play this fun and easy game with friends! Hope to see you soon!

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