Movie Review: Ocho apellidos catalanes


When I was studying abroad in Spain, my teacher made my class get together to watch the movie Ocho apellidos vascos. In my past experiences from taking language classes, teachers seem to assign specific kinds of movies for class, so I was not very thrilled. The last thing I was expecting was to watch a comedy. I had really enjoyed the movie and was excited to find out that a sequel (Ocho apellidos catalanes) was coming out during my time abroad. I never did get the chance to see it in theaters but recently, Netflix added both movies to their list under English names: The Spanish Affair and The Spanish Affair 2.

If you are looking for an opportunity to have a laugh and learn about Spanish stereotypes, I would suggest this movie. The film takes place after the events of the first film, so I will not be giving away any spoilers in case you have not seen the first one. The main characters are from different areas of Spain. Each area of Spain is unique, as well as the people who live there. You will get to see those unique characteristics played out in Rafa from Seville, Amaia from Basque Country in the north of Spain, and Pau from Catalonia. This is the perfect combination for anyone who loves Spanish and rom-coms! Since Netflix sometimes switches out movies for others, I would suggest seeing it right away. 

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