LRC Student Staff Member Aphra

The new semester has begun, and we are featuring profiles of our multilingual and multi-talented student staff members.12088417_10206387460378896_301315643573374195_n Hello! My name is Aphra Murray, and I’m a junior Chemistry major who speaks four different languages. I was born to British parents in Madrid, Spain and since then have lived in five different countries. When I was only two months old I moved to Italy, where I grew up and lived until I was 12 years old. In that time I developed my Italian and there grew my love for languages. After Italy, I moved to the Netherlands where I graduated from high school six years later. I managed to learn Dutch both in and out of the classroom, and dabble in French and German when I crossed the borders into neighbouring countries. While I study Chemistry here at Gettysburg, my family lives in Versailles France, which I get to visit over winter and summer breaks. I love that I get to go home and struggle in my fractured French while I try and talk to different locals about where to get the best baguette or listen to my three year old brother speak MUCH better French than I do. I love the idea of getting lost in a foreign country and not speaking the language. Because then it’s just a chance for me to learn some more. The next language on my to do list: Greek!

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