LRC Student Staff Member: Angela Pegarella


Hola! Salut! Oi! My name is Angela and I am a senior majoring in Spanish and French. Last school year, I spent the whole year abroad. I studied in Madrid, Spain and Nantes, France and have also traveled to many other places while I was overseas. I am currently a tutor for Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

I love helping others when it comes to travel tips and language-learning advice. I have a YouTube channel called PassionforDreaming where I documented my time abroad in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Now that I’m back in the United States, I dedicate my channel to giving language-learning tips. I also keep a WordPress blog (that goes by the same name as my YouTube channel) where I write primarily about travel tips but also language-learning tips. Right now, I am studying Korean on my own after having taken a class in France. Did you know I love languages?

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  1. How about links to your blog and YouTube channel? I am looking forward to seeing some of that content reblogged here!

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