French Readers

Although practice with speaking is important to learning a language, reading is also an indispensable tool. By just relying on listening or speaking, one loses out on understanding the fundamental rules to a language. Reading also helps many people visualize a language easier and therefore retain it. Reading in foreign languages is very daunting but that’s why graded readers exist! These books are written for the learners of a language and include a lot of information.

Here in the LRC, there is one copy of an intermediate Graded French Reader. However, archived here is a list of many public domain readers. They are available on a range of levels. For instance, A Graduated French Reader by Paul Barbier begins with a lesson on pronunciation of French letters. It includes many short stories and includes vocabulary at the end of each. Towards the back of the book poems are also included along with tables of irregular verbs and a full vocab list. For more advanced students, there are more challenging publications. One that seems particularly interesting to me is A Scientific French Reader written by Alexander Herdler that includes excerpts and diagrams of aviation, basic physics, chemistry, and so much more. When learning languages, one doesn’t get to encounter vocabulary such as this or to see the syntax of a language in a discipline like this. Although this might bore some people, we learn in different ways and exploring what may benefit or intrigue you the most is worth pursuing.

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