Race to Paris

Located on the shelf called “French Games” is one such board game titled “Race to Paris”. This game is best for beginners as it utilizes many basic nouns and verbs. You use cards to create French sentences and the longer the sentence, the more points you can receive. More points means making it to the center of the board, AKA Paris.

There are also arrows located on the cards that show what cards can be placed before and after others which means you can create sentences easily (even if you have no idea what the words mean) and advance in the game. Although not being able to translate your sentence means fewer points.

It is also a useful way to practice your pronunciation since some spots require you to test your opponents on their knowledge of French vocab words. For beginners it is a great way to expand one’s vocabulary and even advanced students can review. Regardless, everyone can have a few laughs at the basic, but somehow still funny, sentences such as “I admire the sad professor.” Don’t we all.

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