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Articulate – Software for created flipped classroom lessons

In October, I gave a workshop on how to create interactive video lessons using an application called Articulate Studio 13. This software is a plug-in for PowerPoint, so it’s easy to learn to use. Above and below, you can see screenshots from a lesson that I created using Articulate, and you can view the whole lesson on my personal website.

We’ve recently seen some examples of how professors at Gettysburg College, e.g., Tim Good, are flipping their classrooms. I won’t go into detail here about why you might consider flipping your language classroom, but one area where it I think it can be highly useful is grammar instruction.

Why flip a grammar lesson?

It’s often useful to teach grammar via students’ first language. One reason for this is that the vocabulary needed to understand a grammatical explanation in the target language is often much more advanced than the grammar point itself. On the other hand, teaching grammar in English disrupts the flow of the classroom in the target language. One way around this problem is to move grammar instruction outside of class time using a flipped classroom model.

Using Articulate, you can create presentations with animations, which may be superior to text for explaining certain grammatical concepts. You can also add voiceover, videos (e.g., of yourself via webcam), and quiz questions. All of this may lead to a more engaging experience for students–and frees up time for using the grammar communicatively during class.

Do uncountable nouns have singular or plural forms? Click yes or no.
Screenshot from Articulate lesson

 Basic steps to creating an interactive presentation using Articulate

  1. Create a PowerPoint.
  2. Add animations.
  3. Add a script for voiceover in the notes section.
  4. Record the voiceover (Articulate -> Record Narration).
  5. Sync the animations with the voiceover (Articulate -> Sync Animations).
  6. To preview, publish as Web (Articulate -> Publish).
  7. To add to Moodle, publish as LMS (SCORM 1.2). When the publishing process finishes, click “ZIP.”
  8. Add ZIP file to Moodle as “SCORM Package.” Select “Appearance” -> “Display Package in new window” for best viewing results.

Where is Articulate available?

You can download a free 30-day trial of Articulate. The full version is also available for use by any Gettysburg College faculty member (language or non-language) in the LRC, 107 Breidenbaugh Hall. Contact the LRC director, Betsy Lavolette, for more information.

Betsy Lavolette

Betsy Lavolette is the director of the Gettysburg College Language Resource Center.

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