LRC Student Staff Member: Melissa Menna


The new semester has begun, and we are featuring profiles of our multilingual and multi-talented student staff members.

Ciao! I’m Melissa Menna, a sophomore Psychology major and Neuroscience and Italian Studies minor from Long Island, New York. I began studying Italian in middle school as a school requirement, and have loved the language ever since! Studying Italian has taught me so much about where my family comes from and the reasons behind our traditions. I’m planning on studying abroad in Florence, Italy in Fall 2016 and am BEYOND excited to finally get to see all of the incredible art, try all of the delicious food, and walk the beautiful streets of the country I have been studying for years! Someone is going to have to pry me away from all of the pasta, pizza and gelato at the end of the semester! In the future, I hope to study another language at Gettysburg- maybe Portuguese or Japanese- and enrich my education with more international experiences. Along with language study, I’m passionate about bagels, baking, and Birkenstocks.

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