Language exchange from your phone: HelloTalk

HelloTalk is a free app (for iPhone, iPad, and Android) that students can use to do language exchanges with people from around the world.

HelloTalk profile

To get started, you create a profile that includes basic information about yourself, such as your name, age, gender, location, and first and second language proficiency. You can also include text and audio introductions.

Based on your profile, people will contact you through the app to do a language exchange via text and/or audio. You can also search for people who are native speakers of your second language.

HelloTalk correction example

HelloTalk includes tools for making corrections, which makes it helpful for language learning. In addition, you can send images and drawings to your partner.

Why not try it out? You have a chance to improve your second language and even make new friends!

Betsy Lavolette

Betsy Lavolette is the director of the Gettysburg College Language Resource Center.

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