Spanish Scrabble!!

Scrabble Post

That’s right! We now have a Spanish edition of Scrabble available to play with during office hours at the LRC! It’s a great way to practice your Spanish vocabulary & spelling with friends and peers!

The game has the same rules as English Scrabble: 2-4 players, words must be horizontally or vertically placed, each player gets one turn, the game ends when all letters in the bag have been used, and once one player finishes all of their letters. What’s new about this edition? It includes every letter in the Spanish alphabet such as: Ñ, RR, and LL !

Just because you aren’t fluent doesn’t mean you can’t play! If you’re a Spanish beginner, you could be to use a dictionary whilst you play and learn new words! So come on over! Vengan a jugar!

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