LRC Student Staff Member: Begench Atayev

The new semester has begun, and we are featuring profiles of our multilingual and multitalented student staff members. First up is Mr. Begench Atayev.


                My name is Begench. I am a sophomore from Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia.I can speak English, Russian, Turkish and Turkmen. I have attended a boarding school in Wisconsin. My interests are Economics, IR, Chinese, Football(Soccer), watching comedies.
                I am one of the leaders of the Gburg Intramural Soccer(join us on fb!). We meet each Tue and Thu from 9 to 11 pm in Bream to enjoy a game of pick-up soccer. You don’t have to be great at it, anyone is welcome – so just show up!
               And yeah, I love 12 grain chicken salad sandwich at Bullet Hole! And I also love camels!!

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