LRC Student Staff Member: An Sasala


The new semester has begun, and we are featuring profiles of our multilingual and multitalented student staff members.

Hallo! Hola! Hi! My name is An Sasala; I am a senior from Cleveland, OH with a double major in German Studies and Spanish/Latin American/Caribbean/Latino Studies with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. As if that was not already enough, I fill up the rest of my time with long (and by that I mean short) naps, homework, the Women’s Rugby Team, tutoring for German 101 and 103, and being a Tour Guide for the Office of Admissions (plus a gajillion other things, but nobody wants a laundry list!).

This is my third year working for the LRC providing focused language assistance for individuals interested in learning German, Spanish, Yiddish, or Dutch. Not only will my smiling face and mass of curly hair greet you at the front desk when you check in, but the LRC is full of what else: Language Resources. Our library is full of manga, novels, and dictionaries in various languages; board games abound; and we even got some nice comfy chairs over the summer that are great when you need to practice conjugating all those verbs.

Language has always been a passion of mine, and helping other grow beyond the constraints of knowing only one tongue remains one of my highest goals. Being a double language major comes with a lot of scoffing. ‚Oh, what an easy course load you must have!‘ ‚Languages, that’s easy, right?!‘ If you think languages are easy, I double doggy dare you to sit in an upper level German grammar class; it is JUST as difficult as economics or physics, and every bit as applicable to real life. However, just like I need the basic functions of a calculator explained to me over and over, some people need a helping hand with languages. My hand (and my shoulder if conditional tenses make you want to cry) is here to help you along whether it is finishing that German Movie Maker Project, or picking up some basic Portuguese. Remember: Se puede! Es wird besser!​

p.s. The picture is of me with Mozart while in Vienna during my second semester abroad in Berlin, Germany; one of the most famous German/Austrian chocolates are the delicious Mozarkügeln! (I went to Valparaíso, Chile my sophomore year!)

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