IZI.travel – Create an audio tour

URL: http://izi.travel/how-it-works

Description: Create an audio tour for spots of interest. The content will automatically be displayed (e.g., audio will automatically be played) when the user approaches the marked spot.

Cost: Free



Your language students can use the web interface to create tours of, for example, your campus. They can include text, images, audio, and video, and they mark the location on a map. Then, the user downloads the free mobile app (for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone) and searches for your tour. When he or she approaches an area where the students have included tour information, that information is automatically displayed, and the audio automatically begins playing!

In addition to the language practice your students get from creating the tour, the tours they create can be used, for example, by international visitors and students who would like to enjoy a campus audio tour in their first languages.

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Betsy Lavolette

Betsy Lavolette is the director of the Gettysburg College Language Resource Center.

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